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Primer So Your Student has a primer

Primer – So Your Student Has a Blaser

Shot this last week as a last minute request by an instructor friend of mine. Some students of his are getting ready for a...
Winchester 88 308 Caliber

SHS-43: Winchester 88 caliber 308

On this episode we are looking at the Winchester 88 that I would want to buy: 308. A caliber we already support. Here are...

Howa 300 Yard Headshot 

So Freeze was out on the range with his version of a precision rifle: the Howa 1500 hunting rifle in 308. Not kidding. That’s a...

A Tale of Two Pig Guns

This recently came up among a group of young hunters I know so I figured I would post about it here. The younger guys...
Merkel RX Helix

Merkel RX Helix Hunting Rifle

First off let me make this clear: We are not gear reviewers. Sure, you will see stories and pictures and postulations of guns and...

NEOPOD: A High Quality Plastic Bipod?

Yesterday, I took delivery of a new bipod being made by a company called Steinert Sensing Systems out of Norway. The name is Neopod...