Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Poacher Patrol 2020.

Poacher Patrol 2020

In the last week of gun season, I make it a habit to patrol the property for trespassers and poachers. You would think opening...

308 TTSX Hunting Ammo

Freeze was wondering if we have any 308 hunting loads in the armory? Why, Yes. Yes we do. For my old FN SPRa3g. I...

Squirrel Hunting

This is a photo from last season. Freeze’s SIL went out and bagged a few for dinner that night. If you have never tried...

Hunting Rifle – Long Range?

First off I guess I need to preface this article with a caveat: Your definition of long range vs the next guy could be...

Pig Hunt Bullet Fragment

This is an administrative post for an inside project. Someone wanted to see what a 270wby TTSX bullet looks like after hitting a pig...

Fox Frozen in Danube

These images came out of Europe in the Danube River region. Locals discovered this fox perfectly frozen in ice. Eyes open. Suspended lifelike. I am...

Cleaning and Whitening Skulls

Not everyone has a colony of dermestid beetles to clean a skull, and many who do quickly realize that they still have to feed...

I’d Rather Be Shot

It’s inevitable: When I post a story about hunting, we get some blowback. The complaints and accusations are always filled with logical fallacies and...

“Civilized” Hunting

As much as I love hunting, the idea of sitting in a treestand and freezing my tail off for hours doesn’t appeal to me....

Beautiful Opening Day 2015

As I type, I am sitting in the dark. With no power. And it’s zero degrees outside. Winter is fully upon us in these...