Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Bernardelli P.One Magazine.

Bernardelli P. One Magazines

PSA. If you are in the market for a Bernardelli pistol and you find a seller who has a pile of them for extra?...

Benelli B76

As some of you have seen, we have finally picked up a Benelli B76 for the reference collection. Yes, it is shooter grade with...

Looks Can Be Deceiving

OK. Final post on the Bernardelli P. One rehab. At least from the workbench standpoint. Unless be break it in the future.  I have noticed...

Restoration – Bernardelli P.One

Follow up video on a gun we first talked about in 2018. A Bernardelli P.One pistol.  This pistol originally started its life in Italy. Then...

The Bernardelli is Roached

Ok. I’ve been holding these pics back for a few days. I wasn’t sure how best to present them. After some thought, I just...

Bernardelli P.ONE – P018 Takedown

How to Takedown and reassemble a Bernardelli P.One Pistol. And from what I can tell, a P018 pistol as well.  Points of interest. The slide-stop...

SHS 21: Bernardelli P.One

First off, let me inform the viewer that we have purchased this pistol before we were able to film a regular SHS episode. If...