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Smith & Wesson Pro Series 442

AIWB – Kraken Tests The Waters

Kraken recently picked up a used S&W 442 Pro J-Frame. Stuffed it in a Binachi Pro 100 holster. Then shoved it down the front...

POTD – J-Frame & X9L Truck Hood

Smith & Wesson 442 (No Dash - Nickel - 38SP)  and  Wilson Combat EDC X9L. 9mm     Sincerely, Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Fall Fashion Week. S&W 442 J-Frame 38 Special.

Fall Fashion Week: S&W 442

For many years I refused to even purchase a j-framed revolver. Why? I didn’t want to be tempted to carry it! Yes I really...

S&W 22 Mag J-Frame

I have been eyeing these 22 Magnum J-frames for a while. Which seems strange to my old co-workers. You see, I once…now infamously…said to...

CZ’s Sub-Compact CZ75 RAMI — By Scott Mayer

The CZ 2075 RAMI--CZ’s sub-compact version of its venerable CZ75 pistol--combines small size with up to 14 rounds of capacity depending on the chambering....