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The John1911 Podcast

EP-321 – Let’s Talk About Larry Vickers

Episode 321 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Larry Vickers makes a public statement. SCROME scope money taken. Passed on a white Steyr. ...
Larry Vickers Please Guilty

Larry Vickers Guilty on NFA Charges

If you are reading this headline asking yourself, “For what?”. I am right there with you. I too had heard the LAV had been...
HK 45C

Huge Disappointment – HK 45C

Ever ask someone their opinion of guns?  Was that person someone you admired?  Maybe that person was a combat vet? Perhaps Special Forces? Maybe even, “Very Special Forces”?  Perhaps...
The 2020 Colt Python. My thoughts.

Opinion: The 2020 Colt Python

We’ve all heard the rumors for years. And now it seems they are coming to fruition. Colt Firearms is re-releasing the Python series of...

Larry Vickers Bans Appendix Carry For Un-vetted Students.

    The ass hurt over the LAV banning appendix carry is hilarious. If Larry Vickers doesn't want open enrollment classes to carry appendix, that's his...