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Pistol Rugs

New Pistol Rugs

Pulling pistols out of the armory to use on the range has revealed a small logistical issue. Where to put the weapons during transport? Traditionally...
Shooting, "Not a Red 9"

Shooting, “Not a Red 9”

Somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek title. Freeze and I get the Red 9 out. This was the first time loading it with stripper clips on...
Red 9 Stripper Clips

Red 9 Stripper Clips Arrive

C96 - Red 9 stripper clips are in....Errr...well only 1! But What the heck! 😎🤪😬 #c96mauser #broomhandlemauser #mauser #wwi #pistol #gunsofinstagram   Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having...

EP135 – Ghost Glock, C96 Pistol Debut, Every Town USA Arrest

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast:   Freeze is tempted by Centerfire Systems to build a Glock. Was a suppressor used in VA shooting...
C96 Red 9 Mauser

Armory Chat 45 – C96 / Red 9 Mauser

We’ve been in the market for a shooter grade C96 for a while. But what made the quest even harder was we wanted it...

C96 Red 9 in The Armory

Figured I would show this. It’s a Mauser C96 chambered in 9mm Parabellum. Yes, the same caliber as your Glock 9x19 mags.  Every collection needs...