Monday, October 18, 2021
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EP134 – Gun Channels Whacked, 9mm Tokarev, Range Construction

Ep 134 of the John1911 Podcast:   Range Construction - Shelter. Officer Mike's Machine gun. Falling Plate Rack spall solution. Red 9 Pistol has Chinese...

Shelter For Rifle Range

Next week we are hoping to start construction on a shelter for the new range. It will have a metal roof, be 14x16’ in...

Range Update 200 Yard Steel

Final 200 yard steel is up. I’ve been staying off this particular hill so the grass would take. We'll come back later and center...

Pistol Pit is Operational

It’s been a long summer. First it rained most of the season. Now it’s getting cold and dry. When I still need some rain...

Gravel for Pistol – Tac Rifle Pit

So…here is what 6 dump trucks of gravel looks like before being pushed down with the small dozer. Right now, the question is, “Will...

The 100 Yard Shooting Position

This spot was picked so we could zero 100 yards at a zero degree angle. In reality, this position is a ZERO to 500...

Range Construction- 600 Yard Test

Update on the range construction. What I’m doing here is testing line of sight and theoretical shooting positions for shots from 600 and 700...

D8 Dozer vs Tree 

Range construction progress. After some debate, it became clear that I had to knock down the best tree on the property. A giant sycamore...

EP102 – 800 Yards, Polaris Ranger, What is SKY, Dick Pics...

On episode 102 of the John1911 Podcast: We have hit the 800y mark on Range Construction. Dick Pics for your momma. Raping alligators. SIG...

New Range Vehicle – Polaris General 1000

Quick update. We need some dedicated range vehicles. After some debate between a Kubota and a Polaris Ranger, it was decided to cut that...

EP100 – DP-51, Ruger 10mm, Broom-handle Mauser

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast: DP-51 SHS Video Worst trade Freeze ever made Ruger 10mm 1911? Freeze & Marky shoot-off. Update on...