Sunday, January 29, 2023
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M&P Shield 9 Plus review.

M&P Shield Plus

Doc has picked up a new CCW pocket rocket: The M&P Shield Plus 9mm. It has a capacity of 13+1, but doesn’t seem fat...
Wilson Scorable Steel Target

Wilson Scorable Steel Target

Another video test.  Subject: The Wilson Combat scorable steel target.  Location: John1911 Range Pit. Pistol: EDC X9L Caliber: 9mm Shooter: Some old, fat dude.  ;-)     Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Wilson Steel Target First Shots

Getting some old business to of the way again. The Wilson Combat Scorable Steel Target is setup in the pit. Next to the falling...
Bolt Action Remington 700

Shooting 300WM Re-Barrel 517 Yards

Editors note: Doc was on the range on a cold December day shooting his recently re-barreled 300WM. This is his second barrel on this gun...

30 Yard Plate Rack

Got some “me time” in at the range on Sunday. The snow was falling and the steel was cold. Felt like putting some time...

Shooting Inside Out

Working on some transition drills. Once you master the plate rack and can burn them all down. Switch to inside out. Or outside in....
SCAR-20 End of the Drama

SCAR-20 Drama Queen

I wish I could say seeing the SCAR-20 get first round hits at range was a blasé thing. But frankly, the SCAR-20 has been...

EDC X9L First Shots

One needs to crawl before they walk. At least us mere mortals. So here I am literally shooting the X9L for the first time…on...
300WM Remington 700 Sendero Barrel Shot Out?

300WM Barrel Shot Out

Doc has been suspicious for over a year that his 300WM’s barrel is shot out.  The rifle: Remington 700 Sendero. Years owned: 22. Rounds...
Shooting chain on steel target at 200 yards.

Oh Boy…

So…while zeroing a rifle, we shot the target chain.  Oh Boy… Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Target Camera Video Test

What good is making a precision rifle video if the viewer can’t see  the hits as they are happening? I have been aware of...
10 Hours in the range

10 Hours On The Range

This was a long day. The first half we hosted some shooters who were putting in their time.  What happens when they are done and...
7.5x55 GP11 Ammo first shots out to 520 yards.

7.5×55 at 520 Yards

So after getting the custom barrel zeroed, I figured a shot at 520 yards with the K31 “try DOPE” was in order.  What is, “Try...
One Day at a Time - Breaking in the Gemtech Integra

One Day At a Time

New gear is new. New skills aren’t skills. They’re aspirations. The only way to overcome these limitations is to dive in and just work...
Good Day. Bad Day. Same Day.

Good Day, Bad Day, Same Day

So a few days ago, Freeze and I were discussing something he has been forced to wrap his head around: Bad video.  When you shoot...