Friday, September 24, 2021
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EP160 – Should I Switch Back to a 1911 CCW Gun?

Episode 160: Freeze and I have a frank discussion about some issues I have been having with the VP9, holsters and what my CCW pistol...
Keepers Concealment Cracked Holster. The Keeper. AIWB holster cracked. Broken holster.

Cracked Keepers Concealment Holster…Again

So…while getting changed to work out I took off my AIWB rig and set it on the bathroom counter.  It’s only then when the light...

The Keeper Wedge Replacement

One thing that came up recently in regards to AIWB carry was the concept that some holster designs are consumable. At least parts of...

Replacing The Keeper Foam Wedge

Well it’s that time again. The need to replace the foam wedge on my Keeper AIWB holster. For those who don’t understand the mechanics...

Replacement Keepers Concealment Holster Issue

It has displayed a bad tendency that I will need to clean up. When the holster is under compression, it ejects the pistol magazine during...

Video — This is a Good M&P Holster

Time for a update to a previous video: THIS IS A BAD M&P Holster. The main issue was the lack of tension in that...

Jamie Gilt Shot by 4 y/o Son

Have to be honest. Before this story broke about this incident, I had never heard of this woman. It seems she has been making...

The Keeper — My Daily CCW Holster

I occasionally get questions about what my preferred carry holster is. I purchased this some months ago and have been giving it a fair...

Pushups and AIWB

Ok. I have finally found something that isn't optimal when carrying AIWB: Pushups. I maintain a specific level of physical fitness. And one of...