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Why I use T-Posts on rifle range.

Rifle Range – Why T-Posts

So you want to build a rifle range but you are not sure what configuration you should choose for rifle range targets? Let me...
Rifle range steel

19 Pieces of Steel

New for 2021, is our upgraded rifle range. 19 pieces of permanently installed steel. Where? More challenging targets (read smaller) in the open, and some partially...
Superior Ideas Steel Targets. 10" plate.

10” Steel Plates

10” Plates A few weeks back, we placed another order with Superior Ideas. They are a steel target maker out of Florida.  These use a custom...
Pistol Pit Target Array install.

Pit Target Install

We have started the permeant install of the pistol pit steel targets and paper stands. Also combining this with cleaning up the erosion from...

Found: Two Full Size IDPA Steel Targets

So…while I was digging around Mitchell’s range, I knew we had a round gong target that would come in handy on the new rifle...

Range Update 200 – 250 – 300 Yard Targets Up

This post is going to be mostly photos without much writing. Many of you are following the range build and we are working as...

Video: Shooting the HK VP9 at 40 Yards on Steel

  We were out running some drills and decided to take a minute to shoot at some very small steel at roughly 40 yards. 15...

Setting up Mitchell’s Range

On a snowy day in March, we decided to set up a quick and easy steel range. Many of the ranges we shoot at...