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Truck ammo

How Much Ammo In Your Vehicle?

I posted this picture on social media a little while ago and was legitimately surprised (Which doesn’t happen often) by most of the reactions.  What...
Battery life on truck gun.

RDS / Scope Battery Change

Last year I started to put the change date on optic batteries. The Aimpoint shown here hasn’t died, but it is dim. So that...
Poacher Patrol 2020.

Poacher Patrol 2020

In the last week of gun season, I make it a habit to patrol the property for trespassers and poachers. You would think opening...
Target Transitions Geissele Trigger

Target Transitions – Geissele SD-3G Trigger

Freeze and I were out putting in some work. Nothing spectacular by social media standards. But we wanted to get a feel for the...
Truck Gun Wear Update. Rifle Wear.

Truck Gun Wear Update

Just wanted to keep some readers in the know about what to expect from a full-time truck gun in regards to wear, rust, brass...
Aimpoint 6x Project

Aimpoint 6x Project

After taking a LE carbine course, I determined the need for some magnification on my truck gun. A BCM Keymod upper.  Additionally the GEMTECH Integra...

BCM Upper – New Truck Gun

Trying to get used to running an AR. Get used to running a skinny AR. Get used to this 45 degree safety. And hasty zero the...

Radian Safety & MFT Stock

I have decided to go full-bore with changing the truck-gun from a SCAR-16 to the, “Officer Mike Rifle”. So on his advice, I switched...

Truck Gun Glamor Shots – PTR-91 Retires

I have hinted around about this for a few weeks and in some private messages. After careful consideration I have decided to pull the...

American Mag Release on PTR Rifle Sucks

This has been coming for awhile but I have finally reached a turning point on the subject: The push-button mag release on the PTR-91...

Cutting RDS off of Truck Gun

A few weeks ago I posted a quick video (CLICK LINK HERE) demonstrating that a dead parallax free scope tube can be used as...

Winter Maintenance Cleaning – PTR 91

Have to admit, thoroughly cleaning HK roller-locked style rifles isn’t my favorite chore. It’s the fact that the barrel and trunnion sit so deep...

I don’t hand load the PTR 91

I could also title this article, “I don’t hand load the HK91” but I like to be specific. It’s a PTR 91 GI Model,...

Update on Truck Gun Condition

Was doing some Spring Cleaning and figured some of you would like an update on my Truck Gun Project. Specifically condition. The PTR 91 GI...

Traveling in the US with a Rifle

It seems the latest rage in the gun-community is low-profile rifle bags. While I completely agree with the concept, I have never seen one...