Friday, August 19, 2022
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EDC X9L Holes-in-Holes Drill

Some have asked if I shot the EDC X9L for the Holes-in-Holes drill. I did. Here is the best group. The goal is to...

Fat Boi

It’s starting to get cold and I need to get used to drawing from sweatshirts. Fortunately I carry the same gun all year round....

EDC X9L Locking Lug Design

Ok. In this final installment of the advances and changes Wilson has made to the design of the EDC X9L gun.  What is it? In...

Carry Guns & Gloves

Another thing I like about the Wilson X9L is the increase in trigger-guard size. Any CCW gun that is carried daily ideally should be...

Wilson X9L Arrives

As we stated on the last podcast, we have a Wilson Combat X9L in The Armory. Here are photos as it arrived at the...