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5000 Rounds Fired – EDC X9L

5000 Rounds Fired First off, this video requires some explanation. It’s actually a video test. And since every video needs a goal, for the purpose...

POTD – Caught Freeze Looking

Caught Freeze admiring the features and build quality on the Wilson eXperior. He’s more of a traditionalist when it comes to 1911s. And he...

EDC X9L Bill Drill – 2.12 Seconds

Shot this a few weeks ago. I now have the EDC X9L Bill Drill down to 2.12 seconds at 7 yards. The trigger cadence...

SHOK-Buff Change – 4000 Rds

Taking care of some old business.  I changed the SHOK-Buff in the EDC X9L at 4000 rounds.  Here are some up-close pics of the...

Single Stack Bill Drill Work

Yes, I am also shooting Bill Drills with the single stack 1911. Wilson Combat eXperior, 5”, 9mm, 1911.  Is this a, “great run”? No. Let...

White Wilson Grips

Some of you have noticed the white Wilson grips on the eXperior 1911. And even a few have asked how did we got those? The...
Wilson P320 Grip Module texture.

POTD – Wilson M17 Grip Module

Doc stopped by The Armory one day for some business and brought his Sig M17 outfitted with the Wilson Combat Grip module.  —Editor    

eXperior 1911 Pull Weight

After shooting the 30 yard plate rack sequence, we received a few inquires about the Wilson eXperior 1911. In particular what is the pull...

Professional Photo Test 2

Here is the second gun form the photo test. The previous gun was obviously well worn. Now this example is in much better shape.  Wilson...

3090 Round Shok-Buff

Back in the old days, it was the consensus to not run Shok-Buffs in working guns. The logic being should the buff come apart,...

Fiberoptic Sight – What Happens If?

Long story short: What happens if your fiberoptic front sight falls out?  Nothing.  Long story long: The sight is still useable as I have tried to show...

EDC X9L Holes-in-Holes Drill

Some have asked if I shot the EDC X9L for the Holes-in-Holes drill. I did. Here is the best group. The goal is to...

Wilson eXperior – Holes-in-Holes Drill

Got dayum! This gun shoots. Holes-in-Holes drill. 3 yards. 5 shots. Standing 2-handed. 115g mixed case head remanufactured ammo. This Wilson eXperior, single stack,...

eXperior Trigger Control

The trigger on the Wilson eXperior is much “crispier” than on the EDC X9L. It’s been about a decade since I ran such a...

eXperior 1911 Dominates 10-8 Test

The Wilson Combat eXperior 1911 has passed the 10-8 Function Test.  What makes this more impressive, is the gun is a single stack, chambered in...