Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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POTD – Experior 5” Full Size

POTD - Experior 5” Full Size Of the standard 1911s we down, this is still without a doubt the highest quality and most fulfilling one...

Wilson Experior HP Ammo Test

Just what the title says. I haven’t run much if any HP ammo in this single stack 1911. Why? Because I don’t generally carry...

1911 Drill – Belt-Line Reloads

Have purchased a new 1911 single stack holster and mag carrier. Both are for AIWB use.  Our regulars know I have been reloading out of...

Upper Body Triangle – Single Stack

The Upper Body Triangle drill. The goal is to move the gun by only using your upper body and arms. Also..not bending your elbows....

1911 Drill – Extended Prep or Press

Picked this up from Mike Seeklander. If you are interested in online firearms training, I suggest you look him up. He can explain this...