Update: Re-Blue of Parts on CZ Mauser

Freeze has completed the re-blueing of parts on the CZ Mauser. Things are progressing nicely.

You can see the original photos of the Mauser HERE.

And you can see the disassembly and itemization of parts of the Mauser HERE.

There has been some discussion, but nothing set in stone yet, of possibly turning this into a reproduction “sniper”.

More to come.
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Freeze is our resident All-American hunter, shooter, gunsmith and military surplus collector. When he is not processing his own game or running the smoker, he focuses on Com-Bloc weapons and Black Powder Shooting.
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  • Brennen Munro

    So was the “bad” inside the barrel just old “cosmo”? I think that this is going to be a project that others will try when they see the results from your doing this! I seem to have an odd project needing some attention too… Hmmm.


    • I honestly don’t know yet. Freeze checked the rifle out of the armory and I haven’t seen the final result. I know he was of the opinion, before working on the barrel, that it was old cosmoline. He doesn’t know this yet, but if the barrel DOES turn out to be completely trashed, that would give me an excuse to re-barrel it to 308.

      But realistically, there’s list;e chance it would be THAT bad.