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GP11 Negatives

Blaser R8 Extraction Issues

So while out on the range, I had a complete failure of the gun to extract spent cases. Actually loaded cases as well.  After some...
Sam Cummings Interarms

7.5 Swiss Estate Ammo

Some friends were helping a family out with the management of a large firearms estate. Word came down that the owners would allow us...
Blaser R8 Scope Ring and Base Test.

Scope Ring & Base Test

Working with some accessories. Can’t really go into it too much right now, but it involves this base and scope rings combo.  The control items...
Suppressed 7.5x55 / 7.5 Swiss Barrel. Blaser R8.

Suppressed 7.5×55

Where has the R8 been you ask? The answer is: I was having multiple barrels threaded for suppressors.  Having never shot a non-factory threaded barrel,...
SHS 44 - K31 With Diopter Sights

SHS 44 – K31 w/Diopter Sights

So on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we are looking a pretty neat rifle. A Swiss K31. But unlike the pallets and...

John1911 Podcast EP47 –

Episode 47 of the John1911 Podcast. Sorry for the delay. We have been busy with some hunting trips and projects.   GP11 Ammo is back! HK...

I am over the Magnetospeed

A close friend of ours purchased a Magnetospeed a while back. He wanted to replace his old fashioned chronograph that uses screens and a...

Schmidt-Rubin 7.5 Swiss At the Range

  We ran across a guy shooting a Schmidt-Rubin the other day. Very nice rifle. Since we were also running a straight-pull rifle (Blaser R8),...