Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Benelli B76 Pistol 9mm

Benelli B76 – First Shots

OK. First of all let me start with the acknowledgement of a possible mistake. The records we have on file don’t show this pistol...
Benelli B76

POTD – Benelli B76

Looked at the logs and it doesn’t seem like we have shot this pistol much (or possibly at all).  This is a Benelli B76 semi-auto...

Benelli B76

As some of you have seen, we have finally picked up a Benelli B76 for the reference collection. Yes, it is shooter grade with...
The Guns of Covid

The Guns of Covid

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown, we noticed that the competition for collectable guns, at least at auction, has decreased.  So while we didn’t get any...