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EMT Shears at Airports

Flying with EMT Shears

Flying with firearms feels like a never ending escalation ladder. Not trying to sound too salty, but I have been flying with guns for...
LifePod 2.0 Pistol Travel case by Vaultek.

LifePod 2.0 Travel Case

I have been using the same airline travel case to check pistols for 30 years. Just writing that sentence seems impossible. But when you...
John1911 Podcast

EP-222: The State of The Business

Episode 222 is in the can. A solo edition catching up on some old business and delving into some projects: New computers in The...


What is CAGPT?  Delta Airlines uses this moniker on checked luggage that contains firearms. I can only assume they also use it for items of...
TSA Gun case Break-in.

Attempted Gun Theft at Airport?

I have been sitting on this story for a few little bit. First of off, I am not 100% sure about it. And two,...
My gun travel load out.

TSA Gun Check Update

I travel quite a bit. Have been for years. Almost always with firearms. Been doing it well before 9-11. So I’ve seen it all:...

Traveling to a 3-Gun Match

  Our good friend Wes is shooting a 3-gun event in North Carolina this weekend. The match is quite far from his home state. As...