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GRS Chassis Adjustment

Adjusting GRS Stocks

Had an inquiry about how to adjust the GRS stocks and chassis. What the user needs to understand is the adjustments are not a...
Custom 7.5 Barrel. Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sipp & Sons.

Custom 7.5×55 Barrel

Testing a new barrel we had made by J. Sip & Sons out of Utah. It’s chambered in the 7.5 Swiss round (7.5x55).  Most shooters...
How to Adjust a rifle stock

Up For Down – Down For Up

Playing with a fully adjustable stock. The general rule is to raise the butt for prone. And lower the butt for standing.  So let’s see...
GRS Ragnarok Hog Saddle

GRS Ragnarok Rides in a Hog Saddle

Being a Blaser guy used to mean always being behind the curve when it comes to all the cool kid gear. So much so...
GRS Ragnarok Chassis First Impressions

GRS Ragnarok Blaser R8 Chassis

After months of waiting we finally have the much anticipated GRS Ragnarok chassis system in our hands.  This system with its folding stock and customizable...

EP132 – IV8888 Drama, NRA Closing, GRS Ragnarok Chassis

Ep 132 is in the can: Is Joe Biden really getting the nomination? Freeze connects on the head at 300 Yards. PPU ammo is...