Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Clearing Trees of the John1911 Gun Range

Gun Range Tree Work

Ya’ll hear me complain about trees on the John1911 range. All these trees shown here are from one single storm that blew through.    Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns...
2023 National Farm Equipment Show

2023 National Farm Machinery Show

Since we now have a tractor for range maintenance, it made sense to swing down to Louisville, only a few hours away, to get...
Range re-gravel.

Re-Gravel The Ranges

Range maintenance is coming along swimmingly. Trying to get all the major work done before we get too close to deer season. Gravel for...
Massey 4707

New Tractor Arrives – Massey 4707

Sorry for the delay in getting our content out on it’s normal schedule. But unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it;...
Bobcat Toolcat UW56 Toolcat 5600

Thinking About a Toolcat

So…advice needed from my equipment operating friends. Some of you may recall I was looking at a Ventrac 4520z to use on the John1911...
Greenworks Pro 18" Battery Chainsaw.

Greenworks 80v Chainsaw

Having a gun range isn’t all about shooting guns. There’s lots of admin and upkeep. Especially on a rifle range. Even more so on...
Plate Rack Maintenance. Falling plate rack.

Plate Rack Maintenance 

While shooting some drills on the plate rack, I noticed a plate wasn’t falling that I thought should have. And instead of being target...
DR Power Systems PRO MAX-52T Bush Hog

Range Bush Hog

Been holding off on this post for a little while. I guess the main reason was I wanted to make sure we didn’t break...