Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Booby Trapped AK-47

A friend of mine sent me this pic of a AK-47 uncovered in Raqqa, Syria. Apparently it was booby trapped by retreating ISIS fighters....

Life Imitates Art

The Left is in need of some serious soul searching before they get behind the curve on this. Let me explain....   The media isn't going to...

Standing on The X

Saw this image to wanted to use it to make an observation many of our US based readers might not understand. The NRA rules...

Why The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was Assassinated.

Here is some analysis you will not get from the talking heads: The president of turkey is an Islamist. An Islamist who wears a suit. During...

ISIS Sniper Video

Interesting video showing the other side of the sniper equation. Unlike the movies, a lot can be learned from these images. What works? What doesn’t?...

How to Fight Jihad: AnaBaptists & The Battle of Munster

As I write this, the echoes of another radical islamists attack on the West is still ringing in my ears. Exactly, 24 hours ago,...
French Soldier Eiffel Tower

ISIS Attacks Paris

Paris attacks: Solidarity is fine. Hash-tag campaigns are fine. Everyone practicing, "viva la France'" in their best Charles Martel accent is fine. But until the civilized...
MSG. Joshua Wheeler, USA. KIA

A “Nobody” From Oklahoma: The Career of MSG. Joshua Wheeler

"Sweet Mother of God. Would you look at that?", a co-worker mumbled as he handed me a copy of MSG. Wheeler's official DoD photo. "Yeah,...

UK Government Gives SAS Free Reign to Hunt and Kill ISIS...

The US media hasn't really reported much on the political ramifications of the beach attack in Tunisia. But with over 30 UK citizens killed,...