Monday, September 27, 2021
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SCAR-20 End of the Drama

SCAR-20 Drama Queen

I wish I could say seeing the SCAR-20 get first round hits at range was a blasé thing. But frankly, the SCAR-20 has been...
Loose Primer Locks SCAR-20

Primer Locks Up SCAR-20

This happened over the summer. While shooter was running handholds in his SCAR-20, the system jammed and couldn’t be cleared.  It had to be mortared...
SCAR 20 155g bullets

SCAR-20 155g Bullet Test

So Doc is finishing up his load testing with his new SCAR-20s. And the results with the 155g loads were eye opening.  I know FN...

SCAR-20 Load Testing 500y

Ok. If you are reading this description, that means you are seriously considering watching this 30 minute video. If you are interested in seeing how...

SCAR 20s – An Up close View

So I finally got a chance to handle an honest-to-goodness FNH SCAR-20s rifle. And here are my initial observations: The Geiselle trigger is a...

EP112 – UTG Riser, T91 Build Moved Up, Will BREN Gun...

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast?   A riser from UTG makes good impression. Should I drop the SCAR as a truck gun? Freeze...

500 Yard First Shots Official

Ok. This part of the property is done. So a friend of ours wanted to shoot his SCAR-17 and try it out.  So while I...

Trying To Start a Fire in The Rain

Was shooting the SCAR out in the pouring rain yesterday. Discovered something unexpected. More on that later. In the meantime, enjoy the light show. Ammo...

SCAR-16 Light Reconfigure

Been making some changes to the SCAR-16 since it is being moved up to Truck-Gun duty. I have replaced the Scout Light with a Surefire...

Removing the SCAR Front Sight

The video below better explains the process for removing the factory SCAR front sight. The short version? Drive out the roll-pin on the right...

The Taliban SCAR-17 is Back

Photos and video have been making the rounds of Taliban fighters spotted with US Military equipment. Specifically a FDE SCAR-17 variant. Citing open source intel,...

SCAR-17 Gets a Bad Rap and other Cliches

Perusing some of the bigger precision rifle shooting forums and you will detect a common thread among a wide variety of shooters: The SCAR-17...

SCAR-17 Load Data 175g Sierra

A friend was shooting his SCAR-17 with a Vortex muzzle device. Some have inquired about the load data used for the pictured group. 5...

Video — My Argument for the Forward Assist

This is something I have thought for quite sometime. I have carried weapons as a hobby. I have carried weapons for sport. And I...

Video — How to Check for SCAR Bolt Damage by Magazine

Quick video demoing how to check that your magazines aren't damaging the bolt on your SCAR rifle   Marky "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"