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GP11 Negatives

Blaser R8 Extraction Issues

So while out on the range, I had a complete failure of the gun to extract spent cases. Actually loaded cases as well.  After some...
Sam Cummings Interarms

7.5 Swiss Estate Ammo

Some friends were helping a family out with the management of a large firearms estate. Word came down that the owners would allow us...
Long Gun Tight truck

Long Gun, Tight Truck

Everybody can shoot from a vehicle. Even I can do it. But once we started actually physically doing it, I quickly figured out there...
Blaser R8 Scope Ring and Base Test.

Scope Ring & Base Test

Working with some accessories. Can’t really go into it too much right now, but it involves this base and scope rings combo.  The control items...
Suppressed 7.5x55 / 7.5 Swiss Barrel. Blaser R8.

Suppressed 7.5×55

Where has the R8 been you ask? The answer is: I was having multiple barrels threaded for suppressors.  Having never shot a non-factory threaded barrel,...

EP154 – They Call It Narcanistan

Episode 154 of the John1911 Podcast: Everybody has the flu. 7.5 Swiss Barrel by J. Sip & Sons. Ed Brown goes M&P. Gun drama...
Custom 7.5 Barrel. Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sipp & Sons.

Custom 7.5×55 Barrel

Testing a new barrel we had made by J. Sip & Sons out of Utah. It’s chambered in the 7.5 Swiss round (7.5x55).  Most shooters...
Freeze's Upgraded K31

Freeze’s Upgraded K31

After getting some work done on property, I decided to break out my K31 to ring some steel.  Freeze john1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
SHS 44 - K31 With Diopter Sights

SHS 44 – K31 w/Diopter Sights

So on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we are looking a pretty neat rifle. A Swiss K31. But unlike the pallets and...

SHS 39 – Swiss K11

What we have on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase is the Swiss K11. Like most K11’s, this one was converted from 7.5x53...

Freeze Uses K31 on Opening Day

Editors note: Freeze is away on his annual trip to deer camp. During this time, he is functionally unreachable. But I did wake up...