Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Attention X9 Owners

I made this video on Thursday before the word came down from the White House on gun control. Looks like the timing is spot...
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So you think Trump won’t lose? You think the democrats can’t win? You are 100% sure that nothing will happen with gun control during...
BETO O'Rourke Gun Ban

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It's kinda weird. When it seemed like Hillary was going to win, we had a run on everything AR. The democratic party has gone...

EP141 – Guns Bans, Red Flag Laws, ACOG, Jeffery Epstein

Episode 141 of the John1911 Podcast. Range Pit Work 4x ACOG Optic FN Military Collector M16A4 Will new gun control pass? Red Flag Laws ...

Team Wendy Screwed You Bad

I suppose there are people like me in the gun community who don’t know who Team Wendy is…errr…well…was. What I mean by that is...

Preparing for Hillary Clinton to Win November 2016

As I type this, it is April of 2016. The Republican party establishment seems hell-bent on destroying itself. Read that as Hillary winning and...

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In many ways I am a child of the 1990’s. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch since I was well into adulthood, but 1994 was...

Buyer Beware: The Worst Deal at Camp Perry 2015

As our regular readers know, we hit the National Matches up at Camp Perry every year. If you have never been, put it on...