Monday, September 27, 2021
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Beretta 92x Performance Overview

Beretta 92X Performance Overview

So yes we finally scored one. The new cocked-n-locked Beretta 92 that was all the rage at SHOT a while back.  Lots of really neat...

Pistol Pit is Operational

It’s been a long summer. First it rained most of the season. Now it’s getting cold and dry. When I still need some rain...

SHS 17: Beretta 92a1

  What we have here is a pistol I have kept an eye out for quite a few years. The upgraded M9 pistol known as...

Handguns Seen at 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge

I know the subject of issued military handguns is always a hot-button topic among most firearms enthusiasts. I suspect the reason for this isn’t...

Video — Second Strike And Why It Doesn’t Matter

There seems to be this persistent rumor on our social media properties that only a handgun with “second strike” or “double strike” capability will...

POTD — Beretta 92 – M9

A customer sent us a funny image inspired by a t-shirt design we sell. A Beretta 92F with a blank firing adopter stuck in...

French Foreign Legion Beretta 92 by MAS

Many years ago, I had a Beretta 92. Picked it up off a retiring DSS agent in the very, very early 1990’s. How he...

Breaking – Ruger Considering Submitting Ruger American Pistol for US Army...

I got word on whether Ruger is going after the military contract with its American pistol. “That’s still an open question,” says Ruger’s Chief...

The US Army Wants New Pistol To Shoot Hollow Points

Personal Opinion. The US Army and the DOD writ large allowing hollow point ammunition for service use has been a long time coming. The...