Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Ed Brown Shooting Dots

Still trying to get back up to speed on running, shooting and driving 1911’s. Some good here. Some, “meh”.  Also…I will have another video on...

One-Reload-One 9mm 1911

Trying to shake down the Ed Brown 9mm AND get back up to speed on running a 1911 safety. So while this drill isn’t...

9mm 1911 In The Snow

So after installing the new magwell and sear spring, it was time to function test the gun. And the Good Lord blessed me with...

All Steel 9mm Handguns

So it seems the latest trend at the last few SHOT Shows is to take traditionally polymer framed guns and make them in all...

9mm 1911 Magwell Install

Some of the, “The Boys” have been showing up with hi-capacity STI 1911s, chambered in 9mm. The Staccato-P to be exact. Hopefully soon I...

My Three 1911’s

The subject of 1911’s came up with the previous post about the Staccato P duty pistol. In particular, there was some confusion about it...

POTD — Bringing Out The Old Girl

Carried this gun for 12 years. It’s been to hell and back. Hell! I’ve even hit a few people with it. Refinished twice I...

EP-72 -SIG P320 Drop Controversy, Stolen Gun-Valor, Ringed Bulls

Episode 72 of the John1911 Podcast is now live.   The SIG P320 Drop Failures. Ed Brown Battle-Worn Finish? Hillary Clinton: Preacher or psychopath? SP1...

Armory Chat EP25 – Ivory Grips

My story about how I ended up with Ivory grips on a carry gun. How they worked out for a carry gun. And what...

A 1923 Colt Commercial

Freeze’s 1923 Commercial Colt We were out with some friends and family earlier this year. It was a casual fun-day. Some of the more experienced...

POTD: My Retired 1911

POTD: Picture of the Day. It's been a while since this old gun of mine has seen some sunlight. It's my old 1911 I...