Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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The John1911 Podcast

EP-258: Stonewall Jackson Had Asperger’s

Episode 258 of the John1911 Podcast:   The boys are back! Monkey Pox Vaccine. Why every DP-51 is dirty. Stevens Multi-Caliber. I'm not seeing a...
Gun Violence The Real Stats

The Real American Gun Violence Stats

“LOTS OF GUN RELATED DEATHS IN AMERICAN CITIES — OH IT MUST BE GUNS ARE THE PROBLEM” That is the left’s interpretation of reality. Blame Guns. Let...
Buy AR Magazines now.

Buy Magazines Now

So you think Trump won’t lose? You think the democrats can’t win? You are 100% sure that nothing will happen with gun control during...
NJ Congressman. And later Ambassador Will J. Huges. Yes, THAT Hughes.

Banning Machine Guns Was a Mistake

Many of our US based readers know that Suppressors / Silencers are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934. For those who don’t...
Background Checks on What?

Background Checks on What?

How to solve America’s gun problem. Re-institute the nationwide, involuntary, community control, mental health system.  Bring back mental health adjudication in the courts. And build...

The Media Doesn’t Want to Stop School Shootings

This is worth watching. He makes a really good point about what we did after 9-11 and even the Department of Education has guards...

It’s Crazy How we Handle Crazy

I said this before I knew any facts about the Florida school shooter. I’ve said this in regards to multiple mass casualty attacks. And...

Stop Arguing the Orlando Shooter Didn’t Use a AR Rifle

I have to say something to my fellow pro-gun advocates. Don't be so quick to promote the "The Orlando shooter didn't use an AR"...

Sara Brady Has Passed And Why We Shouldn’t Gloat.

Sara Brady has passed on. My feelings are probably not so much in line with the general glee I am seeing in my industry....