Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Zeroing Hunting Load - SCAR-20

Zeroing Pig Load – SCAR-20

[Editor’s notes} Doc is zeroing his hunting ammo on the SCAR-20. Getting ready for Texas pig. If you don’t understand, this gun is normally zeroed...
Zero with Hand Warmer

Zeroing Thermal Scope With Hand-Warmer 

Watching Doc and guest zero their pig guns. This shooter is setup with a thermal scope since most pig hunting is done at night.  I...
Suppressor Overgases AR-10

Suppressor Overgases AR-10

We had a shooter visit the the range last week. He was looking to zero this thermal optic for Texas pig.  It is also my...

Playing with Camera in Blind

Took these photos last year while pig hunting in Texas. The quality isn’t the best, but that’s not the point. I have seen many...

Benefits of a Sandbag with Rifles

This is a little trick I picked up quite a while ago. I always have 2 little “sandbags” with me when I am doing...

Pig Hunt Bullet Fragment

This is an administrative post for an inside project. Someone wanted to see what a 270wby TTSX bullet looks like after hitting a pig...

Riding The Ranch

One of my favorite past times is reconnaissance. I’m weird like that. I’m a natural patroller. So when we show up to hunt a...

Video — Testing New Pig Load SCAR 17

A buddy of mine has a new hunting load developed for our 2017 Texas Pig Hunt. He knew I was benching some rifles testing...

Hams In The Cooler

While down in Texas this spring, we shot some pigs. As many of you are aware, Freeze processes all our meat in house. Here...

Remington LTR Light Mount

A guy I was hunting with this past spring showed up with a neat and cost effective may to mount a light to his...

44 Mag Backup

Not all backup guns are pocket rockets. Like they say, the right tool for the job. And a J-farme snub defiantly doesn’t rate in...

Pork For The Smoker

Freeze is about to buy a smoker for the company. We wishes to use it on opening day for deer to feed all our...

A Tale of Two Pig Guns

This recently came up among a group of young hunters I know so I figured I would post about it here. The younger guys...

Milsurp El Camino

While on my way down to Texas this past spring, we gassed up next to a pretty rad El Camino. Being an unapologetic “car...

Cleaning and Whitening Skulls

Not everyone has a colony of dermestid beetles to clean a skull, and many who do quickly realize that they still have to feed...