Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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EDC X9L – Spring Change Update

EDC X9L - Spring Change Update   Odds and ends video updating a few things for consistency: EDC X9L 5000rd spring change.  Dropping guns.  My thoughts...

Overcoming Trigger Freeze

So while focusing on mastering The Bill Drill, I started to notice some trigger freeze at speed. So in order to address that, and...

Empty Chamber Slide Drop – How It Happens

1911: Empty Chamber Slide Drop - How It Happens I have noticed a sudden uptick of interest in a video we made a few years...

EDC X9L – Why The Big One?

So…some have asked why choose a 5” model of 1911 as a go-to 1911? It’s mostly personal preference, but if you must:  I like...

EDC X9L Locking Lug Design

Ok. In this final installment of the advances and changes Wilson has made to the design of the EDC X9L gun.  What is it? In...

EDC X9L – Magazine Design

The Wilson EDC X9L double-stack series of guns have a significantly less bulky grip and feel when compared to a traditional 2011.  How do they...

EDC X9L: Extractor Design

The EDC X9L pistol is a 1911 built for modern duty standards. And anyone who is truthful about the original 1911 designs knows changing...

EDC X9L Plunger Tube Design

One of the main weaknesses of the original 1911 design is the plunger tube. It’s critical to the functioning of the thumb safety. And...

EDC X9L: Modifying The Keeper

I’ve had some inquiries about this so here the photos. Let me state that modifying a holster voids any warranty and opens the user...

POTD – The 13 P’s of Gun Wear

Pistol princesses post preposterous pictures of pistols posing perfectly per peer pressure to peacock profoundly.    —Marky

Mags, Mats and Shok-Buff’s

Generally it is accepted practice to have 3 mags on hand for a pistol to be “useable”. And that is true. For people who...

Dot Torture Victory

  5 shots. 5 yards. 1 ragged hole. Two handed. EDC X9L. Trijicon SRO. 124g 9mm.  I’ll take it.      Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Carry Guns & Gloves

Another thing I like about the Wilson X9L is the increase in trigger-guard size. Any CCW gun that is carried daily ideally should be...

Mundane RDS Work

Getting the hang of shooting a RDS on a pistol. The biggest change is training my mind to look where the dot is, above...

Retention Holster Work

The best way for me to get used to a retention holster is to practice using it while actually trying to do something else:...