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Steyr GB.

POTD – Steyr GB 

Steyr GB coming into the reference collection. By the time you read this, it should already be here and on the books.  —Marky  
RDS Pistol Offset

RDS Offset Is Real

See these pics? They are of bullets crashing into the tops of VTAC barricades. And you want to know who is responsible?  Me. Sucks to write...

Listener Questions

Special project. Been wanting to have listener questions / feedback on pod. So this is a test. Record a question, comment, feedback, joke, or...
Shooting from the truck

589 Yards From The Truck

Ever shoot almost 600 yards from the driver’s seat of a vehicle? Until this day, I had not.  Never stop expanding your horizons. Always look...
The John1911.com Podcast

Rant – Why Our Facility Is Private

I broke my own rule and let someone talk me into allowing a civilian to shoot on the John1911 range. Even this rant doesn't...
Vortex Razor 1-10x

Vortex Razor 1-10 Eye-Box

Bought this used. 1x eye-box is pretty impressive.      Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Blaser R8 Weight. GRS Ragnarok weight.

Blaser R8 Weight

Question asked: How much does my rifle weigh with all the changes I made? Looks like over 14lbs. But understand a few things. The bipod...

EP-203: Biker – Weed Stories

Episode 203 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. White Wilson Grips. Freeze Knee Replacement. Current ammo prices. Our Biker-Weed Stories. AOC's stolen valor. ...
Zeroing Hunting Load - SCAR-20

Zeroing Pig Load – SCAR-20

[Editor’s notes} Doc is zeroing his hunting ammo on the SCAR-20. Getting ready for Texas pig. If you don’t understand, this gun is normally zeroed...

Professional Photo Test 2

Here is the second gun form the photo test. The previous gun was obviously well worn. Now this example is in much better shape.  Wilson...
SCAR-20 Review

Truth About The SCAR-20

This is the “piece de resistance” of the SCAR-20 series. All your questions answered and rumors addressed: Is the SCAR-20 Accurate?  Is it accurate...
The target.

300 Winchester Magnum First Groups

Doc has shot out the barrel on his 300wm. He replaced the barrel. Worked up various loads. Picked the best. And here he...

Professional Photo Test 1

We had some professional photos taken of the John1911 reference collection. This was done to so what a non-pristine firearm would look like under...
Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replace

Fiber-Optic Front Sight Replacement 

Happy New Year from the John1911 Armory. It’s Friday AM and I am knocking this off the to-do list. Replacing the FO insert on...
End of Year Update 2020

End of Year Update: 2020

We don’t do these very often as I think it’s kind of wasteful and narcissistic. But 2020 has been an eventful year and I...