Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Commentary on flattop vs carry handle AR-15

The Gear Queer Hamster Wheel

I realize most readers of this website are more interested in smaller or CCW sized handguns. And while it seems the gravitational pull of...
Why I use T-Posts on rifle range.

Rifle Range – Why T-Posts

So you want to build a rifle range but you are not sure what configuration you should choose for rifle range targets? Let me...
POTD - SIG P220 Elite

POTD – SIG P220 Elite

We had a cop show up a few weeks ago carrying a SIG P227. That is a 45ACP chambered pistol. He expressed a desire...
Blaser R8 Dry Fire

Dry Tune Up

Short story. Practice makes perfect. Focusing on position shooting this year. But before I can do that, I need to work out the kinks...

EP-215: Serpico & The Nut

This is the final installment of the stories with Doc. Here we discuss the Serpico scandal of the late 1960's and what his father...
Blaser R8 223

Good Things In Small Packages

Been shooting the R8 quite a bit this week. Nothing I can publish. But…just look at this thing. It could fit in a back...
Beretta 92D - loquacious

Beretta – Loquacious Likes The D

Before you watch this video, I want to confess something. I am a hypocrite. Not now. Now tomorrow. Not yesterday. But forever and apparently...
ROLEX Replacement Bezel

Rolex Bezel Replacement 

After 24 years of daily use, I have finally acquiesced and replaced the bezel on my GMT Master II Rolex. 1997 production (when I...
Review Steyr GB

SWAT Team Review – Steyr GB Pistol

Interesting video for us to make. When we first popped up with the Steyr GB for The Armory reference collection, there were a number...

1911 Camera Test

Just like the video title says. This is a camera test. Nothing more. Projects in the works.  Barricade - Vikings Tactics VTAC. Pistol 1...
Steyr GB.

POTD – Steyr GB 

Steyr GB coming into the reference collection. By the time you read this, it should already be here and on the books.  —Marky  
RDS Pistol Offset

RDS Offset Is Real

See these pics? They are of bullets crashing into the tops of VTAC barricades. And you want to know who is responsible?  Me. Sucks to write...

Listener Questions

Special project. Been wanting to have listener questions / feedback on pod. So this is a test. Record a question, comment, feedback, joke, or...
Shooting from the truck

589 Yards From The Truck

Ever shoot almost 600 yards from the driver’s seat of a vehicle? Until this day, I had not.  Never stop expanding your horizons. Always look...
The Podcast

Rant – Why Our Facility Is Private

I broke my own rule and let someone talk me into allowing a civilian to shoot on the John1911 range. Even this rant doesn't...