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The John1911 Podcast

EP-295: The Most Perfect Mugshot

Episode 295 of the John1911 Podcast is now live.     Kraken picks up a SCAR-20. The Stormy Daniels shakedown. Catfish tales. The Blue People of...
Jacket Separation.

Jacket Separation 

Doc and I were on the range this summer shooting water jugs. The rounds fired here are Sierra 155g SMK’s out of his 20”...
SCAR-20 517 Yards

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group I took these pics over the summer. Doc was going through his 155g load testing protocol for the SCAR-20. Needless to...
Shooters Global Shot timer.

Shot Timer Works w/Suppressor

We have been playing with the Shooters Global (SG Global) shot timer. It’s a fully integrated hardware solution paired to a smart phone app.  It’s...
Zeroing Hunting Load - SCAR-20

Zeroing Pig Load – SCAR-20

[Editor’s notes} Doc is zeroing his hunting ammo on the SCAR-20. Getting ready for Texas pig. If you don’t understand, this gun is normally zeroed...
SCAR-20 Review

Truth About The SCAR-20

This is the “piece de resistance” of the SCAR-20 series. All your questions answered and rumors addressed: Is the SCAR-20 Accurate?  Is it accurate...
Keep Those Cans Tight. SCAR-20

Keep Those Cans Tight – SCAR-20

Doc sent these over from the range. Shooting his SCAR-20. 100 yards. —editor     Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
SCAR-20 155g Handload Data. TMK.

SCAR-20 155g Load Data

Here is Doc’s load data for the 155g TMKs. The groups are 10 rounds each. 100 yards.  CCI primers.  Federal brass.  155g TMK bullet.  ...
SCAR-20 End of the Drama

SCAR-20 Drama Queen

I wish I could say seeing the SCAR-20 get first round hits at range was a blasé thing. But frankly, the SCAR-20 has been...
COVID-19 / SCAR-20 Thumb

COVID-19 / SCAR-20

Doc came out to play during the tail end of the Covid shutdown. Brought his SCAR along and banged steel from 200 yards to...
Loose Primer Locks SCAR-20

Primer Locks Up SCAR-20

This happened over the summer. While shooter was running handholds in his SCAR-20, the system jammed and couldn’t be cleared.  It had to be mortared...
SCAR-20 & Blaser Tactical 2 POTD

POTD – SCAR-20 / Blaser Tactical 2

Doc and I spent some time at the cool kid range playing with our precision rigs. It’s hard to imagine by the looks, but...
KET Brass Deflector

KET Brass Deflector 

So a company known as Kinetic Energy Tools reached out and wanted to know if we were interested in trying out one of their...
Countdown Hostage Rescue Shot. SWAT Training.

Hostage Rescue at Ice Station Zebra

Doc and I were at the Uber-private, cool-kid, LEO-only range recently. It’s a range I have heard about for at least 15 years, but...
POTD - Timed Hostage Rescue Shot

POTD – Timed Hostage Rescue Shot

Doc and I at the Cool-Kid-Range practicing a timed, multi-target,  hostage rescue shot.      Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”