Sunday, October 17, 2021
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EDC X9L Bill Drill 2.29 Seconds

Working Bill Drills pretty hard lately. 7 yards. My goal is to hit 2 seconds or better. The good news is I have already...

1911 Camera Test

Just like the video title says. This is a camera test. Nothing more. Projects in the works.  Barricade - Vikings Tactics VTAC. Pistol 1...

Headshot Work

Messing with different zero  distances on RDS handguns. 5 shots. 20 yards. Freehand.      Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Shooting Inside Out

Working on some transition drills. Once you master the plate rack and can burn them all down. Switch to inside out. Or outside in....

The King, Heir, Spare: 2020

One thing with royalty is your position always changes. A Prince or Duke can become King. And eventually all Kings get set out to...

POTD – Night Ops


Fiberoptic Sight – What Happens If?

Long story short: What happens if your fiberoptic front sight falls out?  Nothing.  Long story long: The sight is still useable as I have tried to show...

Dropping Guns

It’s been a while since I actually dropped a gun. Or been dropped / fallen / fistfight in a stairwell. It happens. This instance...
RDS Battery Selection

Pistol RDS Battery Selection

I have been holding back on this subject for a little bit. Didn’t want to jump the gun so to speak. And this may...

EDC X9L: Modifying The Keeper

I’ve had some inquiries about this so here the photos. Let me state that modifying a holster voids any warranty and opens the user...

Does Brass Hit The SRO?

A viewer was looking at some images we posted of the SRO a top the EDC X9L. The SRO attached shows some wear on...

POTD – The 13 P’s of Gun Wear

Pistol princesses post preposterous pictures of pistols posing perfectly per peer pressure to peacock profoundly.    —Marky

Carry Guns & Gloves

Another thing I like about the Wilson X9L is the increase in trigger-guard size. Any CCW gun that is carried daily ideally should be...

Red Dots & Seatbelts

While sitting in a different vehicle, something happened that I hadn’t ever experienced before. The possibility that the seatbelt could prevent me from drawing...

Relearning Malfunctions

Switching to a red-dot on my CCW gun has brought up an interesting development I hadn’t considered: Malfunction clearance drills.  For going on 30 years...