Friday, September 24, 2021
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S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus.

S&W Model 10-8 

So has anyone else picked up one of the model 10’s that have been flowing back into the country? Personally I have been keeping...
Shooting S&W 5906 Pistol

S&W 5906 Musings 

Freeze and I were playing with a LEO trade-in 5906. Obviously we need to work in that DA/SA transition. But that would come with...
SHS50 - S&W 629-1 Revolver

SHS 50: S&W 629-1

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase (SHS), we are looking at the stainless steel version of the Dirty Harry 44 Magnum. “The...
SHS47 S&W Pre-Model 10

SHS-47: Smith & Wesson Pre-Model 10

What we are looking at on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase is an oldie but a goodie. A model 10 before there...
Smith & Wesson 5906 Restoration

S&W 5906 Restoration 

Marky dropped this off at my house with no warning. His words were, “Fix this gun”. For the pics you can see at THE...
S&W 5906 Police Trade-in 9mm Pistol

S&W 5906 Police Trade-In

I have a new project. A rough S&W 5906 police issued 9mm pistol. While it may look rough to the casual observer, we can...

POTD – S&W 1006 

I recently have been taking another look at some of the old S&W pistols. To be honest, I was never really a fan of...

Time to Give Up The Progressive?

There is nothing wrong with progressive presses. Any problems with reloading are more often than not, “software issues”. Speaking of issues, This is the 3rd...

M&P 2.0 Pistol FDE 40 Caliber

We’ve had a wave of new readers over these last few weeks so I feel compelled to repeat something our regulars know: We are...

Thinking About a S&W Model 10

I have a theory. I can’t prove my theory. But I have it just the same. My theory is firing a double action revolver...

S&W 22 Mag J-Frame

I have been eyeing these 22 Magnum J-frames for a while. Which seems strange to my old co-workers. You see, I once…now infamously…said to...

Snowy Day Training with S&W 64-4

In this age of striker-fired handguns, it’s easy to dismiss the double action handguns. But that is a mistake. It has been my personal...

Smith & Wesson 2016

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15 rifle is a no-frills entry level AR that did away with features such as the dust cover and forward...

S&W 547 Front Sight Paint

Pro-Tip. I like to shoot accurately. But I also like to shoot fast. As least as fast as I am capable while maintaining accuracy....