Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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5000 Rounds Fired – EDC X9L

5000 Rounds Fired First off, this video requires some explanation. It’s actually a video test. And since every video needs a goal, for the purpose...

Attention X9 Owners

I made this video on Thursday before the word came down from the White House on gun control. Looks like the timing is spot...

Draw From Concealment Work

Just putting in some work with my carry gun: EDC X9L.  I know I kinda harp on it but it needs to be said. If...

EDC X9L Locking Lug Design

Ok. In this final installment of the advances and changes Wilson has made to the design of the EDC X9L gun.  What is it? In...

Debugging a Holster

I am a big believer in dry-fire. Especially when shaking down new gear.  So today I am practicing with my new JM Custom Kydex AIWB...

Does Brass Hit The SRO?

A viewer was looking at some images we posted of the SRO a top the EDC X9L. The SRO attached shows some wear on...

POTD – The 13 P’s of Gun Wear

Pistol princesses post preposterous pictures of pistols posing perfectly per peer pressure to peacock profoundly.    —Marky

Wilson’s True Zero RDS Mount

We have received some questions and inquiries about Wilson’s red dot mounting system: True Zero.  The True Zero RDS mount consists of cutting the slide...

Red Dots & Seatbelts

While sitting in a different vehicle, something happened that I hadn’t ever experienced before. The possibility that the seatbelt could prevent me from drawing...

Relearning Malfunctions

Switching to a red-dot on my CCW gun has brought up an interesting development I hadn’t considered: Malfunction clearance drills.  For going on 30 years...

Wilson EDC 15rd vs 18rd Magazine

After a recent video detailing some facts about the Wilson EDC X9L, I have received NUMEROUS follow-up inquiries.  The two biggest questions are: Does the...

EDC X9L Holsters & Mags

The Wilson Combat EDC line of handguns gives the user two magazine options. A flush-fit 15 rounder and an extended 18 rounder.  Both magazines work...

EDC X9L First Shots

One needs to crawl before they walk. At least us mere mortals. So here I am literally shooting the X9L for the first time…on...