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Controlled Round Feed vs Push Feed Rifle.

Controlled Round Feed vs Push Feed

Controlled Round Feed vs Push Feed Pick up any gun magazine from about 1970 through 2000 and there will be a mention of controlled round...
New Rifle Barricade first shots.

First Shots: New Barricade

So…on the coldest day of the season so far, I decided it was a good time to try out the new barricade on the...
Blaser Tactical 2 Single Loading.

Blaser Tactical 2 — Single Loading

With the ever decreasing supply of Blaser Tactical 2 magazines, I get asked variations of the same question: Can I use X mag to...
SCAR-20 517 Yards

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group I took these pics over the summer. Doc was going through his 155g load testing protocol for the SCAR-20. Needless to...
Spot the steel on the rifle range.

Spot The Steel

So let me expand on this topic to illuminate points for the reader. The target is something that does not occur in nature. A...
Christensen Arms Model 14

POTD – Christensen Arms MPR

The word on the street is Doc’s MPR has come in 10 months into his 2 month wait. Chambered in 6.5CM. His first foray...
Rifle tripod shakedown. Blaser R8.

Tripod Proof of Concept

Been working on this for a few weeks. A tripod solution that doesn’t break the bank. Since I won’t be climbing mountains or The...
Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sip & Sons Barrel.

30MOA Scope Base

As stated in December, I will be focusing more on precision rifle shooting in 2021. The only thing not normal about this is I...
The target.

300 Winchester Magnum First Groups

Doc has shot out the barrel on his 300wm. He replaced the barrel. Worked up various loads. Picked the best. And here he...
Blaser Tactical 2 Training Day 155g 308

Personal Training Day

Had the Blaser Tactical 2 out. 308 barrel on. Shooting some of Doc’s 155g hand-loads.  This was a personal training session so I didn’t film...
Carry Your Precision Rifle

Carry Your Precision Rifles

Without casting any stones, I just want to make a pretty basic but often overlooked point: It doesn’t matter if your rifle is green,...
Good Day. Bad Day. Same Day.

Good Day, Bad Day, Same Day

So a few days ago, Freeze and I were discussing something he has been forced to wrap his head around: Bad video.  When you shoot...
SCAR 20 155g bullets

SCAR-20 155g Bullet Test

So Doc is finishing up his load testing with his new SCAR-20s. And the results with the 155g loads were eye opening.  I know FN...
Game Changer, Wiebad Bag, standard rear bags.

Various Shooting Bags

About a year ago, I decided to up by shooting bag game. As such, I have been buying and playing with quite a few...
SCAR-20s Load Testing TMK 518 yards.

SCAR-20s 518 Yards Load Testing

“Doc” and I were out on the range testing some of his hand loads. Here he is shooting some 175g TMK’s in his SCAR-20s.  One...