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EDC X9L – Why The Big One?

So…some have asked why choose a 5” model of 1911 as a go-to 1911? It’s mostly personal preference, but if you must:  I like...

EDC X9L Locking Lug Design

Ok. In this final installment of the advances and changes Wilson has made to the design of the EDC X9L gun.  What is it? In...

EDC X9L – Magazine Design

The Wilson EDC X9L double-stack series of guns have a significantly less bulky grip and feel when compared to a traditional 2011.  How do they...

EDC X9L Spring Change Schedule

The standard spring that comes in this gun is 14lbs. Users can choose to put a 13, 14 or 15lb spring in these guns.  Additionally,...

POTD – EDC X9L Fieldstrip 

Another gun was being taken down and the owner wanted to see what the inside of the Wilson EDC X9L looked like. Very much...

The Hillbilly Drill

While on the range loading mags, I happened to notice an usual situation. At least unusual for “professional” gun ranges.  I was sitting on...

EDC X9L Holsters & Mags

The Wilson Combat EDC line of handguns gives the user two magazine options. A flush-fit 15 rounder and an extended 18 rounder.  Both magazines work...

EDC X9L First Shots

One needs to crawl before they walk. At least us mere mortals. So here I am literally shooting the X9L for the first time…on...